Signature Devices Signature Devices (Ticker: SDVI) OTC Markets public company that produces Internet of Things Innovative technologies. The Knoton Thu, 11 Jan 2018 06:35:03 -0800 <p>Looking back at the last 5 to 10 years, we saw a persistent trend in technological shift that affected our day to day activities and ways of accomplishing tasks. We saw significant growth of the mobile platforms, cloud based services, distributed processing, key based cryptography, biometric sensory actions, locational driven services, wearable technologies, and; most significantly, miniaturizing of transistors down to a 1nm long gates! This period is certainly a transitional one for the way people accomplish things. It was the era of using tablets and mobile phones as means to getting online for casual or urgent needs, using databases of saved encrypted passwords to secure sites, using cellular based locational services, which were significantly inaccurate for any emergency use. We also saw the heavy use (and increasing) of mobile computing where users replaced their desktops machines with laptops.</p><p>?</p><p>The trend was clear and the next phase was quickly approaching. Many technology driven companies are still “stuck” in the trends of the past years, while others have moved on to start the infant implementations of the next phase. One significant trend seen was the huge rise of the use of IoT devices! These devices act as miniaturized technology platforms that are used to perform a specific task and do it very well. There was no standard that governed all these platforms but there are several standards that these platforms were built on.</p><p>?</p><p>IoT devices started appearing on home appliances such as Samsung’s; about 90% of today’s Samsung’s appliances are IoT connected platforms. These devices can perform many services for the user but with the same token, collect a huge sum of information about consumer behavior, demographics, and other desired data! Add Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to the equation and one gets a single connected device that supplies data to the parent creator of the IoT driven appliance. Blockchain technology may take this to the next...<a href=>Read More</a> Cedia Update Thu, 21 Sep 2017 12:58:11 -0700 <p>Overall we had a very positive and good showing at CEDIA.? The product was well received.? We had several hundred dealers stop in at our booth and show interest.? We continue to follow up with the US dealers and open new accounts.? We have already started to receive orders for the US dealers and in the process of fulfilling them.<br><br>We showed our entire Pro and Essentials lines.? The Morpheus One was a clear favorite among the attendees.? We received lots of positive comments about the feature set and the build quality.? The feedback that surprised us a bit was the price point. We asked dealers about the price point of the Morpheus One and almost unanimously the dealers were positively happy about the competitive price point.? This is good feedback for us because we now know that we can introduce new products that will give us higher margins.? As a matter of fact we have already introduced the Morpheus One with a 4TB capacity instead of 2TB and the Morpheus Music with 2TB instead of 1TB.<br><br>We also showed our Micro 4K players and that received very positive feedback.? The dealers were nicely surprised by the performance of such a small device and the very favorable dealer price for the unit.? We are now accepting order for the Micro Players in packs of 5 for delivery in Mid October.<br><br>We also showed a beta of the Morpheus Capture, a unit with similar feature to the Morpheus One with a direct-to-NAS ingestion system.? We also received positive feedback on this Beta Unit.? We have scheduled it for production and delivery in the first quarter of next year.<br><br>We also learned quite a bit at the show.? Due to our feedback we will start to develop a stronger music server offering and work harder on procuring content for our servers.<br><br>During the show we also met with several strategic partners that can help Innovo Technology extend it’s distribution network and we are currently in talks.? We will send an update on those talks as they start...<a href=>Read More</a> Introducing the Morpheus Micro Thu, 07 Sep 2017 09:28:07 -0700 <a href=>Read More</a> Cedia 2017 - San Diego Updates Thu, 07 Sep 2017 09:05:13 -0700 <a href=>Read More</a> Letter to Shareholders Wed, 28 Jun 2017 23:05:26 -0700 <p><b>I am thrilled to be a part of Innovo Technology. ?This is an exciting time for us and I see a bright future for the company, its team, and shareholders. ?Innovo is the culmination of years of work of its founders and team members. ?It continues to exist today because of the financial support of its shareholders and for that we are very thankful.</b></p><p>?</p><p><b>Innovo Technology is the result of the aggregation of four innovative companies combined under one unified vision. ?Our goal is to evolve these company’s into a platform that is a blend of hardware and software that can be leveraged to market highly desirable products in growing segments like digital media distribution, social media based advertising, and Internet of Things.</b></p><p>?</p><p><b>Each of the four companies contributes a fundamental component to a symbiotic organization that is poised to be a leader in its respective markets. ?</b></p><p>?</p><p><b>MorpheusAV is the company that I co-founded along with a few professional colleagues in 2012. ?The original mission of the company was to produce the best media server and player ecosystem that can be easily integrated into any home automation project. ?We sought to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the market by making a product that is high quality and flawlessly reliable; a plug-it and forget-it approach. ?By building quality into every product, we aim to make our customer experience nothing less than pure delight, that the defective rate is negligible, and after-sale support cost is kept in check. ?</b></p><p>?</p><p><b>MorpheusAV offers robust Linux development knowledge, solid hardware manufacturing relationships, hardware design, driver software, media playback and server platforms, an extensive international distribution network, and a seasoned management team. </b></p><p>?</p><p><b>Tazerwear and Knoton bring Internet of Things experience, micro development environment, Artificial Intelligence algorithms and a strong R&D....<a href=>Read More</a> 成年动漫3d无尽视频不卡_欧洲freeXXXX性_非洲女人狂野牲交